Walking like a Pilgrim on the Invierno

Susan Jagannath
4 min readDec 27, 2023
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The Invierno was no walk in the park. We knew that, we wanted a challenge, we wanted an uncrowded lesser known way. And we got it. We plotted and planned our winter camino carefully, but we still got surprised. I know that is a bit contradictory, but isn’t that what a pilgrimage entails. Being ready for the unexpected and be prepared are similarly contradictory, if you are ready and prepared, then nothing is unexpected, but of course it is. Everyone tells you how wonderful walking day after day , is..well, there are also problems.

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Staying Dry

We expected heavy rains but we didn’t quite realise that flooding was common on the Camino de Invierno. We had rain clothes, and I was happy I had a poncho that allowed me to throw it over myself and my backpack. It also had side vents that I could open up, so that I didn’t overheat.
But my boots were wet everyday, within an hour. Gaiters might have helped. Anju was clever and had gaiters. We all had gaiters but they didn’t help and they were awkward to put on.

Solution — I took a pair of extra socks and changed halfway through the day — at least I had dry socks for a little way in mid…



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