Tired of resolutions, vision boards or happy clappy?

Susan Jagannath
3 min readJan 27, 2022
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Yes, I’m tired of those too..

Not a good look for “Happy New Year”? maybe, but I have something much better. This year, with all the lack of travel, and anxiety over the what-seems-a-never-ending-plague, I turned increasingly inwards, and that meant challenging a lot of my prejudices and yes even hostility to the “woo-woo” side of life. So if you have been following me even a little, you would have seen that I had a revelation about the workings of our inner engines, or “chakras”. I wondered and investigated if these could in fact affect an author’s creativity blocks. I’ve long been a fan of long walks to lift your mood and soul, and no, this is not another blog about walking. I promise. What if, what if, we could wander in different ways — like Vision Boards..?

Yes, but…to be frank, I prefer to journal, and so I’ve been scribbling, randomly, but not arbitrarily, a few prompts are good to keep your thoughts collected, and creative.

Vision Boards are so yesterday

I used to love vision boards — mostly because they reminded me of scrap books that I used to make as a child, and even photo albums, you know the ones with the blurry or black and white photos with rather obscure captions, like ” “In Aunty June’s garden” . who was Aunty June, where was her garden, and why is a 3 year old me grimly squeezing that plastic doll that looks like a horror voodoo artefact?

You see, photo albums look backwards, I wanted something the looked forward, and although vision boards promised that — the sticking and finding of boards, and gums and those lost scissors and labels, were just taking too much of time and effort in the age of instant. And then to stare it at and imagine it all happening — phew too much effort in a anxious world.

And then, I discovered the magic of mind movies, this is a vision board on steroids, because it is a movie, made up of the hopes, dreams, goals and things, and its an moving active vision. And watching one of these, with sound and music is much more interesting, and likely to seep into your subconscious, than flat images stuck on a board.

Then I had another revelation — what if we could create one of these for a book that has been…

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