The 7 Gems of the Camino Invierno

Susan Jagannath
4 min readNov 27, 2023
The Camino de Invierno The Pilgrim's Guide The 7 gems

On the Camino de Invierno, I discovered a path less trodden, yet rich with hidden treasures that beckon the curious and the adventurous. This journey, woven through the tapestry of Spain’s rugged beauty and deep history, reveals its secrets to those who walk its path with open eyes and a light heart. Let’s meander through the “7 Gems of the Camino de Invierno,” each a delightful surprise, unveiling stories and sights that enrich the soul and tickle the fancy.

ponferrada fort


Here, the past stands tall and proud. The Templar Castle in Ponferrada is a grand sentinel, guarding the memories of knights and bygone eras. Its towering presence and mysterious corridors invited me into a world where history felt alive, whispering tales of heroism and intrigue.

Las Meduals

Las Medulas

– Amidst the striking saffron landscapes of Las Médulas, one steps into a scene that defies time. Sculpted by the hands of ancient Romans, these formations are a vivid reminder of nature’s malleability under human will. Wandering here, I felt as though I was walking through an art gallery curated by history itself.

SIl river Canyon

Sil River canyons

Walking along the Sil River, flanked by imposing canyons, was a moment of tranquility and awe. These natural giants stand as timeless guardians of the river, their towering presence a humbling reminder of nature’s grandeur and the enduring beauty of the Spanish landscape.

Monforte de Lemos

Monforte de Lemos

The historical heartbeat of Monforte de Lemos echoes through its ancient streets and grandiose castle. Exploring this…



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