Six Steps to a Sales Page that Sells your Book

Susan Jagannath
4 min readJul 30, 2022
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The Six Steps to Sales Page Domination

This is the second step on my six steps to relaunch a book.

And yes you will surprised at how many authors do not know the Amazon book page is meant to SELL your book! And unfortunately, other peoples books — but you have a lot of that precious real estate on the page.
It’s also a good idea to do this quite regularly, even without a re — launch.

Your Amazon book page is where readers come after they discover your book, or are fascinated by your cover and title, this is where they find your book, and buy it. But there is stiff competition, even on your own page, as Amazon pops up other books, from the also boughts and also ads from other authors. So its important to get discovered, convince the reader to read your books, and of course, click the Buy button. For all this, you have a few seconds, so first impressions count — a lot.

1. Get Discovered

Get discovered by readers searches on Amazon — by using appropriate keywords.

There are seven key word fields on your details page on KDP where you can enter keywords. This does not mean you can enter only 7 keywords.You can enter as many keywords as you can fit into each of those 50 character…



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