How to be a Pilgrim on The Camino (and at Home)

Susan Jagannath
4 min readDec 31, 2022
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How to be a Pilgrim on the Camino (and at Home)

The Eight + 1 Things you Need to Know to Feed your Pilgrim Soul

What makes a successful pilgrimage isn’t distance traveled but commitment to the journey itself, and you can do this with me, whether you are walking on the Way or at home.

Hear the call and respond

The call is always mysterious, whether it was a call we desired or one was unbidden, we respect and embark on a new journey as pilgrims. We might embark on a pilgrimage because of illness or transition in our lives and find that we are moving into new internal territory. In our case, we shifted from the Portuguese Camino to the Camino Invierno, in a process that is still mysterious to us. One of our party fell away — but one never knows, if Santiago has called her, she will come. Now or later.

Pack Lightly

We discover that our ways, habits and patterns no longer serve us. Perhaps we feel an impulse to simplify our lives so that we have more room and resources for the new journey that is emerging. Do I really need all this technology? What do I drop — the guidebook or the kindle?

Crossing the Threshold

The Old me has faded away but the new me hasn’t emerged. When we are open to new ideas and stop clinging to old safe ways, we may discover a host of Camino angels to support us on the way — and in life. With my writing, I am stepping out and using AI tools that will enhance my work. I’ve come out of the fear of AI.

Make the Way by Walking



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