How do you Fulfil a Dream as big as Kanchenjunga?

Susan Jagannath
8 min readMar 9, 2023
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Transcipt Summary

You fulfil it by taking the first step — by walking!

Chasing Himalayan Dreams takes you off to a part of the Himalayas that you might not be familiar with, a ridge overseeing a mountain called Kanchenjunga.
It had been a dream of mine for 40 years to complete this trek going back to my childhood growing up in military bases across north India and the first year of university I spent in Darjeeling. Thats where I fell in love with mountains.

Darjeeling, it’s in that little part of northeast India. It’s not really eastern India yet, but where India meets Nepal and Tibet. So literally, when you walk along this trail, which I did, you’re walking on the border of India and Tibet. When you reach Sandakphu, you can see in the distance Everest, Nepal, and look into the plateaus of Tibet.

The Himalayas sweep down from the west of India, starting in Afghanistan, and come down in this amazing arc over the north of India. They finally peter out over the top of Burma and into the…



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