Happy Valentine’s Day Books

Susan Jagannath
3 min readFeb 14, 2023

Happy Valentine’s Day Books!

These books are in search of any author — is it you?

This year, I’m finishing two books, my latest hiking book about my Camino, and my historical fiction book. That came about because I love historical fiction, but there was no, or very little historical fiction about lands and eras I cared about, that I could easily see myself in. Even though fiction is the suspension of disbelief, sometimes I would have liked to be able to see myself in a book — really a stretch of imagination to see myself in a Regency romance, or one of my favourites like Outlander, and The Last Kingdom. I could more easily see myself in a Jack reacher book, than in Ivanhoe.

So I did what every self-respecting author shoud do, I set out to write one myself — and. it was hard. Writing fiction is really really hard. No, Writing good fiction is difficult, and I am still working on my third draft. And dreading the editor’s comments. But more on that later. For a bit of fun, I have compiled a list of books that you can write for Valentine’s Day 2024 — there are too many for me to write!

Writer’s Block begone

I also help other author’s get their books written, and one of the things they tell me is that they don’t know what to write. So here you go, a list of over 50 books you can write, all them romance or historical romance, Why romance? Because it is the biggest selling genre of them all! If they sound familiar, don’t worry, they are familiar because they all follow tropes. A trope is a common story in a genre, that readers love.

1. The Governess Secret — An enigmatic lord of the manor falls in love with a governess with a secret background, but their relationship is hampered by her past and his family’s disdain.
2. The Highlander’s Bride — A Scottish warrior and a feisty Englishwoman are coerced into a marriage of convenience, but as they encounter danger and intrigue in the Highlands, their desire for one another deepens.
3. The Regency Courtesan: A charming aristocrat and a stunning courtesan in Regency-era London fall in love, but their relationship is…



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