Blooming miracles in the times of Covid

Why is the Sacred Lotus blooming out of season?

Last year at this time, we were all gearing up for the start of the ‘twenties, a new decade looked bright and shiny — and then it changed on us in a flash. I was supposed to head out to India in March, and then onwards to Spain, and returning to India to do the sacred trek around Mount Kailash. At this time, that is from end September to end November, we were supposed to be in the US, attending conferences, trekking and driving across the States from East to West before hopping onto a plane and flying west over the Pacific, getting home well in time for a summery Christmas.

And just as well, it didn’t happen, as border hostilities between China and India put an abrupt halt to any Kailash tours, and the US elections and #BLM has made the US a very unstable place to attempt a holiday, who would have thought that? So Covid was bad or good — it stopped us going to areas where there would have been other problems.

On the other hand, returning to the Brahmakamal, the lack of tourists, and the drop in pollution over the Indian subcontinent, may have been factors in increasing the blooming season and the extended area. Typically, it blooms at over 4000m, which is why it cannot be seen in the Valley of Flowers, you have to climb to Hemkund Sahib to see this flower clinging to the steep rocky slopes.

So what other good things happened this year?

Thinking of writing a book yourself? Simply write down ten things that were different this year, and a book idea or three will pop out for you.

Like the Brahmakamal blooming out of season, people who never imagined they could be published authors are publishing books today!

Here are my 5 things:

3. There are plenty of beautiful trails and hikes that I can do right here — they sort of placate my need to hike in wild and high places.

4. Friends are precious, and even more so when you can’t see them easily. Don’t take them for granted!

5. I’ve phoned, Whatsapped, and Zoomed more than ever before — with friends and family.

Tell me your 10 or 5 things that are good this year.

I thought I escaped corporate to travel, have adventures, write bestsellers, and help others to publish. No travel but #amwriting

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