Basic Portuguese for Pilgrims

Susan Jagannath
6 min readMay 23, 2024
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Essential Portuguese for Pilgrims

Walking the Camino Portuguese can be an extraordinary experience that transcends language barriers. However, a tiny bit of Portuguese will enhance your pilgrimage. Imagine confidently greeting fellow pilgrims, ordering a delectable meal, or asking for directions with a smile. Imagine confidently greeting fellow pilgrims, ordering a delectable Pastel de Nata (Portugal’s iconic egg custard tart), or asking for directions to the nearest Albergue (pilgrim hostel) with a smile.

Here are some key phrases to navigate your way.

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A simple greeting shows that you appreciate their country and culture:

  • Olá (Oh-lah): This versatile greeting is perfect for any time of day in informal situations. A friendly “Olá” to a shopkeeper or fellow pilgrim acknowledges their presence and opens the door for conversation.
  • Bom dia (Bon dee-ah): For a more formal greeting in the morning hours, “Bom dia” conveys your courtesy and respect.
  • Boa tarde (Boh-ah tahr-deh): As the sun climbs higher, switch to “Boa tarde” for a good…



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