3 Ways of Creating Magic from your Life


Susan Jagannath
12 min readJan 27, 2022


Why Conferences are Great and not so great

Hello and welcome to this replay of the talk which I gave at the Logan Writers Conference a couple of weeks ago. We had a few technical glitches preventing a livestream. And quite a few of you have asked for the recording because we couldn’t actually come out to the Logan Writers Festival. We were very lucky in Brisbane and in Logan that we could actually hold the festival live and meet people. We had a lot of readers come through.

And also what was good was that we met a lot of other authors, and so it was great to meet other authors. Writing can be a very lonely profession. And that is why I was excited to meet other authors. Talk to them, how we’re coping in the lock down, because authors have a great burden to try and create positive uplifting content, which helps people to escape. And how do we help people to escape what we ourselves are feeling down? And therefore that’s why the conference was fantastic.

Image of my book stall

The bookstall with my wonderful crew — Nicholas and Christine

But I decided that I would record my little talk for others. And I’m sorry because we could not actually stream it live because we had a problem with the connection, and we had a few tech glitches because it was outdoors on the green, and we had marquees and set up because we didn’t want to have it indoors and therefore all kinds of things happen in that.

So where to get ideas from? And my talk was about “the first chapter”, or really, what happens before the first chapter.

Before you even put pen to paper and write a single world where your ideas come from, what magic happens between the author and the world around her? I’m taking you on a journey through what happened in my mind, what’s happened in my life before I wrote my first bestselling book.

Learning to Fly

I called the beginning — learning to fly in a lockdown world. And that is what we wanted to do in this world. We want to learn to fly.

And I have that picture there because what you’re doing, really, if you are really learning to fly when you start writing a book, sometimes it can be frightening. So here…



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