The Camino Ingles

My fellow author, Sanjiva, had a bit of a chuckle and said that we five, were the “Famous Five“, the five authors who responded to my invite to collaborate in a shared promotion on St James Day, 25th July.

This post is a sort of behind the scenes of an author life, how do we promote our books and how and why. It’s a mystery why out of a membership of 800+ Camino authors, only a few responded at all. And only five joined in on the promotion to share our books for free or at a discount. …

Susan Jagannath podcast

A Dash of Adventure

Transcript — A summary

About this podcast

Hello and welcome to Into the Woods with Holly Worton, this podcast is all about our journey into the woods of ourselves, getting to know who we are, where we are and where we’re going in life that we can create the life that we want to live.

Talking about the Camino Ingles

This time we’re talking about the Camino Ingles, which she has walked twice to research her book on the trail.

This is a great time to plan a future adventure on the trail. what are you going to learn today…

Read. Walk. Find

From my last blog post

“I also uploaded some travel content from long long ago — almost my first ever blog posts — about my travel to Israel. Take a look, but be kind. This is really long ago, and not tidied up! You will also find a very unflattering picture of me ;). As I said, do be kind!”

Sparking Creativity

Be alert for the spark of creativity. The last post sparked a poem from one of my ex-colleagues and long time friends from Bangalore. Ashok and I had a long-ago sparring partnership in Verifone Bangalore, where he was a software tester, and I was a…

Santa Susana

We all need the Patience of a Saint

In Santiago, I found another saint, with a familiar name, my very own name saint. That was a nice surprise, in contrast the New Normal is now the year-old One (that does not work) is a rather tiresome surprise. Travel restrictions that were lifted, some people say, prematurely last summer, are back in the regions where pilgrims once trod the Camino. No one says the Camino is closed — but restrictions and region closures mean that it is. And those who do accept the few pilgrims can cop a lot of flak on social media — but as one albergue…


The Camino Ingles is a medieval era pilgrimage trail in Galicia in Northern Spain. It is quieter, shorter and less popular than the epic Camino Frances, but it has a unique beauty and is not without challenges. In the time of the virus it has the advantage of being completely in one province, Galicia. Galicia exited the most stringent features of the lockdown in mid-June as opposed to 1st July like the rest of Spain. This post has been updated with new information for the new normal in Spain. …

Transcript Summary

Note: Click the link above to watch the video

Welcome to the first ever interview, which I’m doing. I’m live in the Facebook group with Brian, my Camino friend and Author. it’s great that we are on two different time zones to different ends of the world. O

ne of us is in lockdown and we can still talk.

And I think that’s good for it’s a kind of imagery of what books are. A book transports you into a different world. So I’m Susan Jagannath, I’m a best selling author of three travel and hiking books. The first one…

susan jagannath - TCI - Additions

When I wrote The Camino Ingles: 6 days to Santiago in 2016, it was part experiment, part sheer annoyance because I had got lost so many times on what was a simple, mostly well marked route. I had no idea that it would go bestseller regularly, and more importantly help so many people achieve their Camino dream.

Then I walked again in 2019, as the route had been changed, intending only to walk the changed bits, but I ended up walking not just from Ferrol, but also from A Coruna. …

Why I write

Making a difference

The reason I write is to make a difference in someone’s life, for example, my first book is meant to help pilgrims who are walking the Camino Ingles, a lesser and shorter way to Santiago de Compostela. When I walked it back in 2016, we went in cold, and with a very brief guide, that turned out to be incorrect in almost every stage. That made me write my book, and then, indeed update the book regularly. Including, yesterday, when I added a new one pager to the bonuses that readers can get from the book. More on that later.

Why is the Sacred Lotus blooming out of season?

This years diminished tourist season might have kept the tourists, pilgrims and trekkers out, but that did not stop the flowers from blooming, and keeping on blooming late in the year. It made me think — what good things come Covid times, what surprises have you have in the year of the Covid?

Last year at this time, we were all gearing up for the start of the ‘twenties, a new decade looked bright and shiny — and then it changed on us in a flash. I was supposed to head out to India in March, and then onwards to…

Susan Jagannath

I escaped corporate to travel, have adventures, write bestsellers, and help others to publish.

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